The Marine 5: Battleground

Jake Carter  (Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin) after his stint as a marine and working in private security is now a paramedic.  He is called along with his partner to an amusement park which has been closed down for the season and is deserted.  The guy (and his pal) who called into 911 has shot and killed a local leader of a biker gang.  As you would expect the bikers are most displeased their leader is dead and go on the hunt for the shooters.

The biker gang are a mixed bunch as they include a bartender, a long haired fella with a bandana and one sporting a magnificent beard.  Hang on a moment they look like Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and Naomi from the WWE, which indeed they are.  There’s also a scary ginger one as well played none other by Heath Slater who was obviously cashing his pay cheque to support his wife and kids (WWE fans will get this).

Jake and his partner get caught up in the middle of all this and before you can say ‘Die Hard in a parking garage’, Jake goes to war with the bikers.

You can say what you want about any WWE Studios productions, they’re fun disposable watchable entertainment.  The Marine series is now firmly in the hands of the host of MIZ TV and like the previous two entries he does damn well in the lead.  With the majority of the action confined to the car park, WWE obviously saved a few dollars but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a polished production.  Naomi and the former Social Outcasts are pretty good as the villains with a certain Mr. Dallas putting in a Bo-lieveable performance as ‘the last to die scumbag’.  Even Miz’s better half Maryse turns up in a brief role.

Director James Nunn is a bit of a dab hand at action as he previously made Eliminators with Scott Adkins and Wade Barrett for WWE and Tower Block.  He was also part of the production for the immortal Cockneys  vs. Zombies.  This guy is a definitely a bloke to trust for films that look more expensive than they cost.

It’s all a bit of a hoot and good fun while it lasts.  So if you like the other Marine films or some mindless action, violence and a bit of swearing you can’t really go far wrong.  If there is going to a sixth one, let’s get Bo’s real life brother Bray Wyatt to portray an evil cult leader who Carter has to rescue people from.  That’ll would be definitely be one to look forward to.

  • Starring Mike Mizanin  Anna Van Hooft  Bo Dallas  Heath Slater  Naomi. Maryse Ouellet Mizanin  Curtis Axel
  • Director James Nunn
  • Distributor Sony/WWE Studios