Drunken Master

Wong Fei-hung was a real life Chinese folk hero and the subject of a film series long before rising star Jackie Chan played him in this bona fide martial arts classic entitled Drunken Master.  Known sometimes as ‘Freddie Wong’ particularly in the English dub, the movie no doubt takes liberties in an historical sense as Chan is known for his excellent comedic presence which is used to full effect.

Freddie is the son of the local martial arts teacher, Robert Wong.  Respected in the community Robert is ashamed of Freddie as he gets up to no end of mischief and picks fights with local hoodlums.  Sending him away to ‘Beggar So’ who is a master of martial arts to get him on the straight and narrow, Freddie’s training will take a full year.  His ‘teacher’ as Freddie calls him is seriously hardcore with his training and permanently drunk.  Running parallel with our story is the exploits of a vicious assassin named Thunderleg.  When a local businessman pays the assassin to kill Freddie’s father, it leads to a confrontation between the dreaded Thunderleg and the newly trained Freddie.

Although Jackie Chan had made films before Drunken Master including the entertaining ‘Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow’ this movie really put him on the map.  It showcased not only his first class martial arts skills but also his adeptness at comedy.  The film directed by Yuen-Woo Ping is expertly choreographed and packed full of innovative fighting using all kinds of props.

Eureka’s Blu-ray sports an excellent image with a choice of different Chinese and English soundtracks.  How you watch the film is entirely up to you, I always prefer the original language but the English dub is hilarious as Thunderleg keeps calling Freddie ‘Shit-face’ which is priceless.  Throw in some nice extras (Interviews, trailer, music, deleted scene and commentary) and you have a real ass-kicking product.

A fantastic piece of action cinema, non stop fighting, plenty of really funny slapstick comedy and in Beggar So, the best piss-head committed to film ever.

  • Starring Jackie Chan  Yuen Siu-tien  Hwang Jang-lee  Shek Tien
  • Directed by Yuen Woo-ping
  • Distributor Eureka