WWE Best of 2000’s

Introduced by Mick Foley, the latest DVD set from the WWE is literally packed to the rafters with all kinds of goodies from the 2000’s hence the obvious title.  The Hardcore Legend is joined throughout the disc with guest appearances from Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Enzo & Big Cass.  But you didn’t buy this to watch Mick exchange banter with a certified ‘G’ (however entertaining), you bought it for highlights of a really good decade in wrestling so let’s have a look what’s on the DVD’s.

With the disc getting the good old TV14 rating there’s blood in some of those matches and a fair bit at times.  Of course you don’t need the ring to look like a butcher’s shop but a bit of the red stuff does tell a good story if need be.  Mind you, I wouldn’t fancy get busted open.  Included is that ‘Three Stages of Hell’ match from 2001 where Stone Cold took on HHH.  There’s also that DQ epic from Wrestlemania 17 where The Rock took on Austin.  WCW gets a look in as well with Booker T and The Rock from Summerslam 2001.

Unfortunately Hogan gets his match with The Rock included from WM18, it was a battle of two icons so I suppose it had to be included.  Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar (pre MMA) gets their Smackdown Iron Man match from Smackdown represented which brought some memories back.

Historically speaking I was very pleased that the Main Event on RAW between Trish and Lita in 2004 is highlighted big time.  Good on you WWE for putting this on there and getting ‘The Queen’ Charlotte to discuss it with Mick.  I won’t even mention Undertaker’s stunning match with Shawn Michaels, oh I have now and THAT is storytelling at it’s finest.

I could go on forever what is included, but check out the full match listing elsewhere and be impressed what has been rammed in on the those four shiny platters.

Providing over 11 hours of content, WWE’s Best of 2000 compilation is some serious value for money and for wrestling historians a must buy.

  • Starring Mick Foley (and his Connect 4)  The Rock  Edge  Chris Jericho  The Dudley Boyz  Batista
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle