Wrestlemania Monday

The Monday Night RAW after Wrestlemania is always one to watch, new wrestlers debut, storylines continue and there is more than a fair share of unforgettable moments.  The ’24’ documentary series on the WWE Network recently released a behind the scenes look at the live broadcast of RAW the day after last year’s Wrestlemania.  This excellent doc in an extended version is now available on DVD and Blu-ray along with matches and moments from RAW’s of years gone by.

The doc follows debuting wrestlers including Apollo Crews and Enzo & Big Cass as they prepare to make their big debuts.  Also, veterans are covered as well including AJ Styles (who made his WM debut the night before) and the one day IC Champion Zack Ryder.  It’s a warts ‘n’ all doc and very insiteful.

Match wise, there is plenty to get your teeth into as well as some classic promos.  It’s always awesome to see Vince McMahon in his ‘Mr. McMahon’ persona especially when he gets a stunner from Stone Cold.  There’s Ric Flair’s retirement address, which is very sad as you get to see his late son as well as a very young Charlotte.  Just as sad is The Ultimate Warrior’s promo where he puts on that very cool coat and the Warrior mask.  A day later, he passed away and is solely missed as I think we would have possibly seen more of him.  Even Hogan’s included.

In terms of the actual wrestling, there is the shock of Paige pinning AJ Lee for the DIVAS title and Dolph Ziggler cashing in on Alberto Del Rio.  The matches are plentiful and it’s nice to take that trip back in time especially with all the old WWF/WWE logos on screen and not blurred out.   As you would expect a certain John Cena pops up on more than one occassion and is booed as well (nothing changes).  Well represented Superstars who are long gone included John Morrison, Edge and Carlito.  The Blu-ray has a few more matches and Shaun Michaels’ retirement speech.

A great value for money package with a lot of good stuff including that cracking documentary.  Well worth adding to your WWE Collection.

  • Starring The Rock  Kane  The Ultimate Warrior  Daniel Bryan  Jim Ross  Fandango
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle