Elsa Fraulein SS

Towards the end of World War II, a plan is put in place to weed out defeatists and traitors to the third reich.  The plan authorised directly by Hitler himself is to be overseen by Elsa Ackermann, an ex-prostitute who is now a Colonel in the SS.

A train is to be loaded up with beautiful girls and taken to various stations around occupied France.  These girls have to give the German soldiers whatever they desire and hopefully it shall reveal who is not loyal to the fuhrer.  Elsa is successful in locating many ‘traitors’ but there is a spanner in the works.  Somewhere on the train is a spy who is feeding information to the resistance and Elsa’s long time ‘bit on the side’ Major Holbach has now boarded the train as an interpreter.  The Major is a serious piss-head and takes a shine to one of the girls, which can only lead to tragedy.

Made back to back with the similar Helga She-Wolf of Stilberg and both sharing the same lead actress Marisa Longo, Elsa Fraulein SS is one of the many Nazi-ploitation pictures of the seventies.  A good deal of those films were rather tasteless and unpleasant but this film isn’t really all that bad.  Sure there is a lot of soft core sex and a touch of S&M but if you ignore all of that, there is a half-decent plot crying to get out.

With a preference for kinky boots, undressing at every opportunity and hamming it right up Marisa Longo is lots of fun as the title character.  Oliver Mathot who plays the Major is not too bad as well and quite hilarious when he’s been drinking churning out ridiculous dialogue at every turn.  It’s pretty well made (for a dodgy old nazi film) and the use of stock Hitler footage blends in quite well.

Not for everyone’s tastes (i.e. the nazi stuff and general smut) but it is what it is, a 1970’s exploitation epic with more bush than the New Forest.

  • Starring Marisa Longo  Oliver Mathot  Patricia Gori  Jean LeBoulbard
  • Director Patrice Rhomm
  • Distributor Screenbound