We Still Steal the Old Way

We Still Steal the Old Way sees the return of the Archer gang led once again by living legend Ian Ogilvy and backed up by some of Britain’s best hard man character actors.

Richie along with Roy and Butch get themselves arrested for a robbery so they can do a favour for an old friend (Patrick Bergin) who has been banged up in prison for years.  Unfortunately word gets out to drug dealing villain Vic Farrow (Billy Murray, taking time out from his InjuryLawyers4U ad’s) who has a score to settle with Richie.  Farrow gets himself transferred to Richie’s nick so he can plan his revenge.

As with the original film (We Still Kill the Old Way) director Sacha Bennett and producer Jonathan Sothcott have packed the cast with plenty of recognisable faces.  Once again Chris ‘Burnside’ Ellison and Tony Denham play the other gang members with Lysette Anthony also returning as Richie’s long time love Lizzie.  Stealing (sorry) the entire film in my opinion is Vas Blackwood playing resident prison psychopath David.  Blackwood shows a real flair for a comedic performance as he did in Lock Stock as Rory Breaker and the immortal bungling robber ‘The Shadow’ in Only Fools and Horses.

Loads of swearing, violence and hard man posturing is the order of the day, sprinkle it with good production values, some great dialogue and you get a real fun entertaining movie which is completely and utterly British in every possible way.  Also, I don’t think I’ll look at a broom handle in the same way again.

I loved it.

  • Starring Ian Ogilvy  Patrick Bergin  Julian Glover  Chris Ellison  Deborah Moore
  • Director Sacha Bennett
  • Distributor Kaleidoscope Entertainment