Shut In

Mary Portman, a child psychologist and her husband Richard have decided to send their son Steven away to a boarding school due to his behaviour which has led to him being expelled.  However, a tragic accident takes the life of Richard and confines Steven to a wheelchair.

Steven is now dependent entirely on Mary as he cannot communicate or move.  This obviously takes it’s toll on Mary and she begins to feel the pressure as she is continuing her practice as well.  When a young lad Tom who she has took a shine to goes missing, her world begins to unravel.  She seeks assistant from her own doctor but she has no idea what really is going on.

Shut In definately takes time to get going, but when things kick into gear you realise you needed all that ‘build up’ to get to the big pay-off at the end.  Naomi Watts goes a grand job playing Mary, she’s a terrific actress and gives a real emotional performance.  Her son Steven (Charlie Heaton) who you may recognise from Netflix’s Stranger Things has a real meaty role to get his teeth into and does just fine.  The little fella Tom is played by Jacob Tremblay from Room and turns in a mature performance beyond his years.  It’s also nice to see Oliver Platt pop up as Mary’s shrink.

Shut In is well worth your time and effort, I didn’t see some of the film’s twists and turns coming so that is a recommendation in itself.  Good stuff all round, not a classic or game changer but a great thriller with some really good acting on display.

  • Starring Naomi Watts  Oliver Platt  Charlie Heaton  Jacob Tremblay
  • Director Farren Blackburn
  • Distributor Arrow Films