The Beaster Bunny

Our story begins at a wedding, the bride and groom are happy until the groom’s son, the Best Man gets on the mic and proceeds to tear into his Father and new Step-Mum.  Obviously a little worse for wear, he stumbles outside and is brutally attacked by the Beaster Bunny, a monstrous beast who is creeping around outside.

We cut to a small town and one of the locals has made herself a nice cold drink.  She takes it outside to relax on her porch and you can guess what happens next.

We then meet the local dog catcher who is out to impress the ladies with stuffing socks down the front of his trousers and Brenda, a failed actress who is coming back home as she’s been evicted.  Meanwhile the ‘Beaster Bunny’ is running rampage attacking topless women and other members of the community.

Creature pictures can be a lot of fun, The Asylum have built an empire with them but this alleged ‘film’ is certainly NOT a lot of fun.  The CGI for the kills is reasonably competant in a cheap way but mainly they’re dreadful.  The actual Beaster Bunny is some kind of stop motion creation then CGI’ed very poorly into the film.  In fact the bunny reminds me of Pipkins’ Hartley Hare (Google him).  Hartley was cool, Peter Cottonhell (the bunny isn’t) who actually looks like he has dropped a serious amount of acid.

I always hate slamming films because lots of people have worked hard to get it on the screen.  So on a postitive note I commend the Snygg Brothers for putting it all together, getting it made and managing to get distributors to pay for the rights to release it.  The acting is totally appalling but I do think that is the intention (I hope) and I did chuckle once at one of the characters dressed up as a carrot.

Overall, a truly terrible film and utterly worthless.  I’ve watched a lot of crap over the years and I’m sorry to say this is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen.  In fact it made me more depressed than I already am.

  • Starring Marisol Custodio   Darian Caine  Jon Arthur
  • Directors The Snygg Brothers
  • Distributor Second Sight