When a young boy is caught completing one of his Dad’s pervy jigsaws by his Mum, she goes berzerk and starts to throw out the kid’s stuff.  The lad isn’t happy as she slags his Dad off as well so he chops her up with an axe into pieces, hence the title.

We cut (pun intended) to forty years later and we are at an American College where there has been an ugly chainsaw murder where someone else has been cut up.  Two local detectives come to the campus to investigate the killing but soon enough bodies begin to pile up.  The detectives are certainly baffled but why hasn’t anyone noticed the imposing figure in black with a hat and goggles wandering around the college hallways?

Lt. Bracken (Christopher George) eventually gets one of his officers, an ex-tennis player played by his real wife wife Lynda Day to go undercover at the college to see if they can weed out the murderer.  The exploitation acting legend Jack Taylor also pops up (with another fabulous ‘tache) as a professor.

Pieces is without a doubt one of most silliest of all slashers ever made.  The script defies logic and the some of the dialogue is probably more painful than the actual murders, but for some bizarre reason it all fits together.  You only have to witness the elevator murder to convince you how stupid it all is.  Juan Piquer Simon (who would later direct the equally bonkers Slugs) has made one of the ultimate beer and pizza slasher movies.  It’s packed with bloods, boobs and poorly acted by a number of the film’s thespians so there is much to enjoy.  There are two versions offered on the Blu-ray, the original Spanish version with dramatic music and the American release which is scored in a typically eighties synth fashion.

Stacks of extras are the order of the day which includes interviews, trailers, picture galleries and even a CD of the soundtrack.  In a limited edition you can get yourself a copy of the killer’s jigsaw as well.

Pieces is a load of nonsense and entertaining for all the wrong reasons.  I personally found it immensely amusing and fun to watch.

  • Starring Christopher George  Lynda Day  Paul Smith  Ian Sera
  • Director Juan Piquer Simon
  • Distributor Arrow Video