The Edge of Seventeen

Just turning seventeen (hence the title) Nadine is not your typical teenager at an American High School, as she really only has one real friend in the world Krista and funnily enough doesn’t get on with elder brother.  Having lost her Dad a few years earlier, the experience and life in general has turned her very cynical of practically everything.

She does however get on with her history teacher brilliantly played by Woody Harrelson who is equally sarcastic back to her when she vents her problems to him.  Nadine’s world collapses when Krista starts dating her brother, she’s becoming slightly obsessed with a hunky dude who works in a pet store and kind of likes Irwin a classmate who seems to ‘get her’.

It all sounds like a typical teen film and you could get that impression, however the real problems and issues Nadine faces are wonderfully written and impeccably performed by Hailee Steinfeld.  Grief is a terrible thing and is something unfortunately most of us will experience.  We learn that Nadine has taken anti-depressants in the past due to losing her Dad and again this is handled extremely well.  I know this from experience and there’s a line in the film which is so spot on in the way I sometimes feel.

It’s not all doom and gloom as there are plenty of funny moments and lines mainly from Harrelson and Steinfeld.  Kudos also goes to Kyra Sedgewick as Nadine’s Mum who is equally as believable as the rest of the main cast and there’s a great running joke throughout the film about her dentist boyfriend she met online.

To top it all off, The Edge of Seventeen also has a great soundtrack and not just because Spandau Ballet’s True is in the film as we all know you can’t beat a bit of Tony Hadley crooning.

An outstanding coming of age teen film and one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.  I may be old but I can still relate to the issues the kids suffer from even though I didn’t have a mobile phone or Facebook in my day.

  • Starring Hailee Steinfeld  Woody Harrelson  Hailey Lu Richardson  Hayden Szeto
  • Director Kelly Fremon Craig
  • Distributor Entertainment One