WWE Royal Rumble 2017

The Road to Wrestlemania officially starts with my favourite PPV (and the first one I ever saw back in 1990) with the Royal Rumble.

With the actual Rumble usually going on for at least an hour, there aren’t as many matches featured like a normal PPV.  However, without the restrictions of timing (it’s now a four hour presentation) on various platforms it doesn’t matter anymore as it’s broadcast exclusively on the network.  You can still pay 15 quid if you want in the UK to Sky but pay a tenner directly to WWE and you get a couple of PPV’s a month as well as all the other stuff.

The Kick-Off show featured three matches which were Becky, Nikki and Naomi against Alexa Bliss, Nattie and Mickie James.  Tag Champs Cesaro and Sheamus faced Gallows and Anderson next with the last pre-lim contest between Sasha and Nia Jax.

The main PPV began with Charlotte facing the challenge of the world’s greatest hugger in Bayley.  Who is so over with the crowd along with her wavy tube men, its frightening.  Universal Champion Kevin Owens took on Roman Reigns again with poor old Chris Jericho suspended above the ring in a cage to stop him interfering.  Our boy, Neville then fought Rich Swann for the Cruiserweight title.  Neville is great as a heel and is finally showing what he’s made of.  No silly capes done up with velcro, the man is literally flying (sorry!!)

The final bout saw AJ Styles facing Cena, with John chasing Styles’ WWE Championship.  We all know the result and was it just to tie Ric Flair’s championship wins record, probably.

The actual Rumble itself was not bad and there was plenty going on.  However all the drama was mainly towards the end and featured a couple of part-timers which would set up their match for Wrestlemania.  I’m pretty happy who won but it should have been someone new not a reliable veteran.  The story surrounding it and the run up to Wrestlemania is actually pretty good so I’ll let this one go.

Overall, the actual Rumble was average but there were some decent matches prior to that which saved the PPV overall.  WWE need to stop relying on old farts and part-timers (Undertaker is excused) and start giving deserved wrestlers the massive push they deserve and let the seniors fade away gracefully.

Extras wise, there’s the kick-off matches and a segment from RAW the next night featuring Lesnar, Goldberg and Paul Heyman.

  • Starring AJ Styles  Becky Lynch  Michael Cole  Corey Graves  Rich Swann  Bill Goldberg
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle