The Chamber (2016)

Set against the backdrop of the West/North Korea divide ‘The Chamber” tells the story of Mats, a humble rig worker who happens to be able to pilot a small sub.  A group of American Special Forces guys board his rig and get the Captain’s permission to use their sub to go beneath the surface to track ‘something’ down.  Kept in the dark of the real mission Mats isn’t happy but puts his trust on the team’s commanding officer and they descend to the ocean bed.

Of course the Americans aren’t telling them the whole story (do they ever?) and the real reason they are down there soon becomes apparent and with one of the soldiers become increasingly irritated, you know things will be going pear-shaped.

After an explosion turns the sub upside down and starts to take in water, it’s a fight to survive and there are only two diving suits…

Written and directed by first timer, Ben Parker, the film is a tightly plotted little thriller which doesn’t mess about getting going and features some real nice production design considering the film is set mainly in one location.  All four main actors give good performances if a little stereotypical i.e. the unhinged one and the hard-ass commanding officer, but for this film it all slots together perfectly.  There’s familar faces in the cast including Charlotte Salt who was in Casualty (isn’t everyone?) and the brilliant Born and Bred which was cancelled by the penny pinching BBC and still they make that horseshit Eastenders.

The film is well worth your time and serves as a great calling card for director Parker who surely is destined to go on to bigger things.  Great ending as well for a film that was mainly shot in Swansea, Bridgend and good old Ifracombe in Devon.  Kudos to everyone involved.

  • Starring Charlotte Salt  Johannes Kuhnke  James McArdle  Eliot Levey
  • Director Ben Parker
  • Distributor Studiocanal