Helga: She Wolf of Stilberg

The film starts at a round table meeting where the President of a fascist dictatorship is discussing the events in his country.  Helga (who will be soon the She Wolf of Stilberg) is one of his lackeys and displays a hard core attitude towards anyone not towing the line.  The President gives Helga the assignment of going to a castle in Stilberg where conveniently they hold political prisoners.

Helga is a game girl who doesn’t mess around sexually and will practically nail anything for her own ends.  Conveniently as Helga does like girls and boys, the prisoners are all women, so not only can she abuse they mentally but also physically in all sorts of unpleasant ways.

One of the prisoners who arrives is the daughter of a notorious rebel leader.  Helga sees this as a challenge to ‘break her’ and does so with gusto.  However, there are plans afoot for the downfall of the country’s regime.

Made towards the end of the 70’s, the film is clearly influenced by all the prison/nazi camp movies that preceded it.  There is an outrageous amount of female nudity and plenty of dubious scenes in particular a distasteful rape sequence where Helga hides behind the hay and gets off on it, I really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The film is scored with what I would imagine is library music as there is a lot of wurlitzer organ tunes where surely no one in their right mind would actually compose for a exploitative T&A epic.  The English dub is totally hilarious with inappropriate voices for a majority of the cast in particular the male characters.  Some voices sound familar so maybe some ‘famous actors’ had a nice little side job back in the day dubbing booby films.

On the disc is the original French language version (and the priceless English dub) as well as some coming attractions for other Screenbound releases.  Also, for the less liberal countries where the film was released there are clothed alternative sequences including a fully clothed whipping scene!!

Helga: She Wolf of Stilberg is pretty bad but strangely appealing due to the high camp of the proceedings and the lead actress Marisa Longo is very attractive in a dodgy 70’s kind of way.  Credit to her as well as she has no issues showing the flesh and getting ’em out.

Not a classic by any means but worth a watch if boobs, whippings, lady love and dreadful music is your thing.

  • Starring Marisa Longo  Patrizia Gori  Richard Allan  Alban Ceray
  • Director Alain Garnier
  • Distributor Screenbound