The Night Watchmen

One of the world’s most famous clowns has died in Romania and his body has been returned back to Baltimore.  Unfortunately the casket has been delivered to the wrong address (a magazine publishers) which is right next door to a medical research lab.  The Night Watchmen (three buddies and a new recruit) agree to keep an eye on it until it is picked up the next day.

Their lecherous boss can’t resist having a peek in the coffin and learns to regret his decision as the occupant of the coffin is undead.  All hell breaks loose and the office staff who are busy putting together the next issue of the magazine begin to fall victim to this rampant ‘plague’.

The Night Watchmen however are busy slacking off in their security office playing cards, watching wrestling and generally goofing around.  When they have to rescue a journalist who one of the guys has a crush on, they realise they have to fight off the vile creatures of the night if they are to stay alive until sunrise.

I really enjoyed this movie, it’s gory, has lots of laughs and really nice characters who you actually like and route for.  For a film with a low’ish budget, the production values are accomplished as the director (as one of ‘The Butcher Brothers’) Mitchell Altieri has been responsible for some fine films in the past.  With actors who are ‘game’ with the material you really can’t go wrong and the film is all the better for it.

The Night Watchmen is currently doing the festival rounds in America and unfortunately I can find no sign of a UK release.  The German Blu-ray (which is how I saw the film) can be easily picked up over the internet and is totally worth the effort of tracking down.

A real pleasure to watch and I wish the film lots of success.

  • Starring Ken Arnold  Dan DeLuca Kevin Jiggetts  Kara Luiz  Max Gray Wilbur
  • Director Mitchell Altieri
  • Distributor Splendid