Female Vampire aka The Bare Breasted Countess

Female Vampire is one of Jess Franco’s 70’s erotic horror movies starring the love of his life Lina Romay.  Lina portrays Countess Irina Von Karlstein (hence one of the film’s many titles) who has been given the long time curse of her ancestors.  Irina needs the life force of humans to live and gets this by good old fashioned nookie.

Irina isn’t fussy who she sleeps with, man or woman and the film is filled with copiously large amounts of fairly explicit sex and general nakedness.  Elsewhere on the island where Irina has come to stay as she has a family home there is a mid 70’s poet with a ‘tache of monumental proportions played by Jack Taylor veteran of countless Euro-exploitation films.  He becomes involved with the Countess and they end up ‘doing the deed’ as well.

Jess Franco’s body of work is an acquired taste, you either like it or probably think it’s a lot of low budget pervy rubbish.  I, myself sit somewhere in-between.  Not all of his output is as rude as this film as he’s made virtually every kind of genre picture imaginable some even with Christopher Lee who portrayed Dracula in Jess’ version of the tale.

Female Vampire is definately an experience to watch.  We have plenty of  naughty bits, lingering camera shots of boobs ‘n bush, hokey dialogue and amazing easy listening style music which had me laughing (sorry) over the sex scenes because it seemed so out of place.  For me in parts the film has a dreamy, trippy feel and I can’t explain why, it just works.  I would imagine a majority of people picking this DVD up will be a fan of Jess’ work, but if you have never watched a Franco picture try it.  No one has or will ever will put together a film like Mr. Franco.

Screenbound have also included the less dirty version of the film known as “Erotikill”.  All the explicit sex has been seriously toned down and the blood sucking aspect of vampirism has been upped instead of the fellatio stuff.  A couple of featurettes and trailer round out the package, so overall you get a good deal.

Female Vampire is top drawer Euro-smut and is a film you can find entertaining on so many levels.

  • Starring Lina Romay  Jack Taylor  Monica Swinn
  • Director Jess Franco
  • Distributor Screenbound