WWE Roadblock 2016 – End of the Line

After last year’s ‘Network Special Event’ Roadblock 2016 made it’s proper PPV debut and the main event featured Universal Champion Kevin Owens facing the challenge of golden boy Roman Reigns.

This was a RAW PPV and the kick off show featured Rusev against Big Cass, this as per usual is an extra on the disc.  The New Day were now officially the longest Tag Team Champions in WWE history and faced the unlikely bickering duo of Cesaro and Sheamus who were after their titles.  Sami Zayn was up next and given the task of lasting 10 minutes in a match with the ever improving Braun Strowman who has been running ragged through the roster.  Sami done well and Braun was obviously not pleased.

Seth Rollins was up next and took on Chris Jericho.  Owens wasn’t far away but the two best friends weren’t in total harmony this time..  Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann defended his title against Brian Kendrick and TJ Perkins.  However, a certain Geordie made an appearance and turned heel.  Sasha Banks and Charlotte contested a 30 minute Iron Woman match but could Ms. Flair keep her perfect PPV winning streak intact?

The Universal Championship was our final bout on the card where Kevin Owens with a fair amount of help from Y2J seriously screwed Roman Reigns over.  Owens and Jericho are a phenomenal duo and at the time of writing were no more, which is a damn shame.  Also, we all now know Owens isn’t the title-holder anymore as the belt is around the waist of an old fart who has wrestled less than five minutes in over a decade.

Roadblock was a fun PPV and a well put together show, shame Fastlane 2017 wasn’t of the same standard but I’ll save that for another day.

  • Starring Chris Jericho  Charlotte Flair  Brian Kendrick  Kofi Kingston  Sheamus  Cesaro
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle