Beyond the Gates

If you like 80’s style movies (the title sequence music is brilliantly retro) with a bit of gore than ‘Beyond the Gates’ is going to be right up your street, so read on…

When their Father disappears, Gordon and his brother John go to the family video shop with the intention of selling up.  During the packing of the stock they go into their old man’s office and find a VCR board game.  Old farts among you may remember these and one of the more famous ones was ‘Atmosfear’ featuring The Gatekeeper who was a weirdo in a cowel and looked like a distant cousin of Emperor Palpatine.

They switch the VCR on and soon enough the game’s host appears played by genre legend Barbara Crampton who is looking just as awesome as she did in her Re-animator/From Beyond days.  It all gets mighty strange now as it’s revealed their Dad is trapped in another dimension and they have to play the game to rescue him.

Of course nothing quite goes to plan and people start to die in all sorts of gruesome ways.  The brothers begin to investigate the game’s origins and realise no matter how hard they try to avoid it, the game must be played.

Beyond the Gates is a cracking little horror film and features plenty of good old fashioned blood ‘n’ guts, it’s well written and has nice performances from all the cast.  It certainly makes you very nostalgic for the good old of days of Blockbuster and Enterprise Video (my local rental shop).  Nothing will ever beat popping out to peruse over the latest releases and gander the old crap in the cheapo rental section, something Netflix could never replicate.

You can’t go far with Beyond the Gates, so don’t delay, go and press play.

  • Starring  Graham Skipper  Chase Williamson  Brea Grant  Sara Malakul Lane  Barbara Crampton
  • Director Jackson Stewart
  • Distributor Precision Pictures and IFC (in the USA)