Bunny Lake is Missing

Based on the novel of the same name and directed by the legendary Otto Preminger, Bunny Lake is Missing tells you the story of a four year old American girl who disappears from her new school in London.

Ann Lake moves to England with her daughter Bunny to be with her brother Steven who is a journalist.  Ann takes her daughter to her new school but as she is in a rush agrees to leave her in the care of the school cook who says she will keep an eye on her.  When returning to pick her up after school finishes, Ann discovers her daughter is missing and no one has any idea where she could be.  The police are called and you know you’re going to be in safe hands as the Superintendent who turns up is Lawrence Oliver.

The disappearance of Bunny is very odd and there seems to be lots of ‘things that aren’t right’ as there is no evidence of the girl existing and all her possessions have vanished.  Is she a figment of Ann’s imagination or has she actually been abducted?  With the police baffled, you are treated to a very rivetting mystery thriller.

Of course as the film was released in 1965 it is obviously dated in terms of ‘the look’ i.e. clothes, police procedures etc. but the premise of a child abduction is just as timely today as it was back then.

Director Preminger gets fabulous performances from Oliver (could you ever doubt it?) Carol Lynley and 2001’s Keir Dullea as her brother Steven.  There’s plenty of familar British thespians from that era in the supporting cast and best of all we get a scene stealing performance from Noel Coward playing an old lecherous ham actor.

A wonderful piece of cinema in a pristine print on Blu-ray complete with some nice extras.  Just because it’s in black and white don’t let it put you off (like some people) Bunny Lake is Missing is awesome.

  • Starring Sir Lawrence Oliver  Carol Lynley  Keir Dullea  Clive Revill  Anna Massey  Noel Coward
  • Director Otto Preminger
  • Distributor Powerhouse / Indicator