I Am Not A Serial Killer

Young John Cleaver works in his family’s funeral home whilst not at high school and is also seeing a therapist.  John is showing sociopathic tendencies but assures his doctor that his urges are just that and has them under control.  His town is gripped by a couple of murders and he discusses them constantly with his buddy Max.  John is regularly ridiculed at school for being ‘weird’ and at the school dance frightens the school bully by describing to him how he would kill him and then smiles at him, unnerving his would be assailant.

Whilst out trick or treating John notices a stranger hanging around outside his eiderly neighbour’s house.  Whilst eating at the local diner John spots the same stranger talking to Mr. Crowley his neighbour and he follows them.  Whilst watching them he sits Crowley kill the stranger and remove some of his internal organs.  As John helps out at the funeral home, the victims of the murderer comes through there and they’re missing organs too.

I am Not a Serial Killer is an offbeat horror film with some black comedy, well written characters and a totally whacko plot.  The central character John is portrayed by Max Records a young actor who had the lead in Where the Wild Things Are and does himself proud in a role which is not your average teenager.  Mr. Crowley, the old dude next door is Doc Brown himself Christopher Lloyd who definately isn’t going around saying “Great Scott!!”

The film has got ‘cult’ wrote all over it and has a slightly Donnie Darko’esque vibe to it.  Parts of it left me a little cold and at times it began to get on my nerves but I’m glad I stuck it out as the ending is great.  Not for everyone but it is different and not your typical ‘developed by committee’ type horror movie.

  • Starring Max Records  Laura Fraser  Christopher Lloyd
  • Director Billy O’Brien
  • Distributor Bulldog