Trailer Trauma 3 – 80’s Horrorthon

Trailer Trauma 3 is the latest ‘coming attractions’ Blu-ray from Garagehouse Pictures and as you can guess by the title concentrates on that fine decade for horror, the 1980’s.

Split across two jam packed Blu-rays, we start off funnily enough at 1980 and finish up at 1989.  All the trailers have been mastered for a widescreen display in a variety of ratios and complete with some scratchy prints which adds to that ‘cinema feel’.  I’m a big fan of trailer compilations as you can see how a pile of steaming shit was sold on the audience at that time, laugh at some of the taglines delivered by the various ‘Mr. Voice-overs’ and most importantly appreciate the art of a damn good edited trailer.

The 1980’s were the decade my Mum and Dad bought a VCR (1981 to be precise I think) and I was exposed to all manner of cinematic goodies.  Of course going to ‘The Pictures’ consisted of mainly kids films but at home I digested all manner of shlock.  The disc contains all the mainstream horror from the decade such as a couple of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and The Thing, but it’s the obscure (sadly unavailable) stuff that is the most fun.

One of the first films to jump out at me was ‘Murder by Phone’ aka Bells, a Canadian chiller about a weird phone signal that kills you.  I remember vividly the striking artwork on the Guild Home Video label here in the UK, it’s also pretty good if I remember.  One Dark Night starring Med Tilly and Adam West is on there as well, that again had some cool artwork on the Atlantis label of a skeletal hand grabbing a girl’s leg.  One film which did bring back some really great memories was Dick Richards’ Death Valley which I must get round to picking up someday.

It’s got over 250 trailers, 7 1/2 hours of viewing, commentaries and some strikingly good artwork for the cover.  If that doesn’t sell it to you nothing will.

  • Starring Lots of famous actors including Martin Landau  Donald Pleasance  Adrienne Barbeau and plenty you’ll never hear of again
  • Distributor Garagehouse Pictures