We Are The Flesh (Tenemos la carne)

We Are The Flesh starts with a scruffy beardy man in what appears to be an abandoned building going about his gross daily routine, then he starts banging a drum.  It’s pretty obvious he’s got a screw loose but his life changes when two young, possibly older kids find their way into his ‘home’ from the outside world.  For exchange for shelter and food, he puts the two to work helping him construct a weird structure held together by masking tape.

The older man Mariano constantly taunts the young man Lucio as he is slightly built and encourages to get it on with the ‘hot piece of ass’ Fauna, the girl he is with.  Lucio ignores but finally snaps and tells her she is his sister.  At the same time Mariano has managed to get some sort of weird hold over Fauna and he gradually begins to corrupt her.  The siblings then commit the ultimate taboo as Mariano watches and the film really gets disturbing if it wasn’t already.

We Are The Flesh is one hell of an experience as it’s an incredibly brave and very explicit piece of film-making.  Director Emiliano Rocha Minter doesn’t leave any stone unturned and all three actors lierally bare their souls (and everything else) for their respective roles.

The film has some really inventive camerawork, clever use of colours and editing and possibly some of the strangest music I’ve heard in a film for quite some time.  Be warned though, as I said the film is very explicit with the sex being particulary graphic.  If it wasn’t real then there was some seriously good acting going on and some mighty fine fake appendages.

We Are The Flesh is a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience as a film, I have no inkling to see it EVER again but I’m glad I have as it’s something very different, messed up but very different.

  • Starring Maria Evoli  Diego Gamaliel  Noe Hernandez
  • Director Emiliano Rocha Minter
  • Distributor Arrow Video