WWE TLC 2016

TLC 2016 was a Smackdown PPV which came from Dallas, Texas and featured the main event of Champion AJ Styles squaring off against Dean Ambrose.

On the kick-off show (as an extra on the disc) Apollo Crews, The Hype Bros and American Alpha took on the team of Curt Hawkins, The Vaudevillains and The Ascension.  The first match to air as part of the PPV was the unlikely duo of Heath Slater and Rhyno defending their tag belts against Bray Wyatt and new family member, Randy Orton.  A half decent opener with a nice ending, I wonder what’s happening to all of Slater’s kids now?  Nikki Bella was up next against Carmella, no guesses who got the win here in this no DQ bout.  Miz and Dolph Ziggler battled over the IC belt in a ladder match.  A fun match which was allowed to go on for a decent amount of time between two very good wrestlers, complete with a great finish with Miz up to his usual tricks.

A ‘Chairs’ match was contested between Baron Corbin and poor little Kalisto, talk about a size difference.   The Women’s Smackdown Championship match was next where Becky defended her belt against Alexa Bliss.  That’s all I’m going to say about this as I was not happy and I don’t care if I’m incredibly biased.  However, I do like Alexa’s character and how she has progressed so quickly but that still doesn’t change the fact I was and still pissed off.

The main event between the Ambrose and Styles in a full-on TLC match was great.  Two of the WWE’s very best going for it big time with plenty of action.  Until that idiot James Ellsworth turned up to poke his oar in.  Ellsworth’s on screen character at first was endearing especially after Braun Strowman battered him but it’s quickly wore thin.  Saying that in real life, he’s seems a nice guy check out the Drive-Along with Daniel Bryan on the Network.  However on screen he’s an annoying little dweeb.

I’m not a big fan of PPV’s stacked with ‘gimmick’ matches but overall TLC 2016 was not too bad at all.

  • Starring Becky Lynch  Alexa Bliss  Bray Wyatt  AJ Styles  Baron Corbin
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle