WWE Best PPV Matches 2016

It’s the time of year (i.e. just after Christmas) when the WWE do their version of a ‘Greatest Hits of the Year’ compilation with a jam packed three disc set of top matches from their PPV calendar.  It’s become trendy to continually knock them with their decisions in creative and the fact they let seriously talented wrestlers get away (Barrett, Rhodes, Del Rio) but when they get things right, special things can happen.

2016 will go down as the year when we saw AJ Styles finally go there and what an amazing year this phenomenal (sorry) talent has had.  If WWE screwed up on this fella the decision makers should have been flogged, thankfully they never.  The girls continued to get plenty of exposure with Charlotte Flair dominating the division with Sasha Banks snapping at her heels.  Of course with the brand split in the middle of the year, two Women’s Championships were formed and the best female wrestler on the planet Becky Lynch became the Smackdown Champion.  Yes, I know I’m incredibly biased but Becky deserves it, the Banks/Flair feud needed a good run and Lynch was more than ready to be a Champion on the other brand.

John Cena was gone for a majority of the year due to other commitments and injury, which gave other wrestlers a chance to step up.  Of course Roman Reigns was continually pushed but he was totally outshone by a returning Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose who became a World Champion for the first time.  A new Universal Championship was created for RAW and this saw Finn Balor become the first ever Champ, sadly it didn’t last long due to an inury sustained in the Championship match.  Step forward, Kevin Owens who is a great heel Champion and his partnership with Chris Jericho is one of the best things in years.  Also, on a quick note the return of Maryse to escort her real life husband The Miz to the ring and generally poke her oar in has revitalised Miz.  The guy had sort of melted into the background (apart from the blatant plugging of his films) and this partnership is pure gold.  Anyway enough of my rambling, so what is the release actually like?

Introduced by Lita, we start off with coverage of the Royal Rumble and carry right on through to Hell in a Cell in October.

My stand out matches are as follows:

  1. Sasha Banks / Becky Lynch / Charlotte Flair  (Wrestlemania)
  2. Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker (Wrestlemania) with two old farts going for it big time.
  3. John Cena vs. AJ Styles (Summerslam)
  4. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Flair (Hell in a Cell)
  5. Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins (Summerslam)

Of course all the matches are worth watching and revisiting them was an absolute pleasure.  A bit of an essential purchase this one with literally hours and hours of action.

  • Starring Kevin Owens  Sheamus  Becky Lynch  Chris Jericho  Lita  Dean Ambrose
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle