A real blast from the past, Intruder tells us the sad story of the Walnut Lake supermarket which is closing down so the staff have to price down the items for the stock to be sold off.  However earlier in the evening one of the check-out girls Jennifer is hassled by her ex-boyfriend.  There is a scuffle between the ex, Craig (what a great name) and the staff but he manages to give them the slip.  The police are called but as per usual don’t do anything, this sets us up for a very enjoyable and inventive slasher.

Writer-Director Scott Spiegel (with help on the script from Tarantino’s producer Lawrence Bender) uses all the workings of a supermarket to neat effect when orchestrating the carnage.  The director is also a long term friend of Sam Raimi who pops up as the shop’s butcher (along with his legendary brother Ted) and has certainly followed Raimi’s lead by inventive camera angles and shots.  In fact the film is a bit of an Evil Dead II reunion as the Raimi brothers are in it as well as Danny Hicks and a certain gentlemen with the initials of BC.

Spiegel lets the KNB guys go to town with the effects and there is plenty of blood and gore splashed across the screen.  For a film which cost just over $100,000 and a two week shoot, the whole production should be proud and give themselves all a big pat on the back.  Watching Intruder again, I also looked at it as a nice time capsule of supermarkets from the 80’s with all the old style packaging on the shelves, some fashionable hair on display and the old school tills at the check-outs.

88 Films have gave us a commentary on the disc as well as Calum Waddell’s documentary Slice & Dice, which was released as a full price DVD not too long ago.  New artwork is also in the package but I immediately switched sides as it features on the reverse the old video sleeve from Colourbox which gives away the actual killer’s identity but at the same time has a very smart trippy image.

Intruder is still a really good romp through all the cliches of the genre and it looks terrific on Blu-ray.  So get yourself a copy, if only for a film which features a character called ‘Produce Joe’.

  • Starring Elizabeth Cox  Danny Hicks  Renee Estevez  David Brynes
  • Director Scott Spiegel
  • Distributor 88 Films