Essex Heist

Essex Heist is the latest in a very long line of low budget British gangster pictures which marks the first actual film production from 88 Films (distributors of many a good horror movie) in collaboration with Steve Lawson’s Creativ Studios (Footsoldier and Killer Saurus).

Terry Slade is the chief dirtbag in a small town, he has his fingers in many pies and one of his lackeys is Jez, an owner of a dodgy garage.  Jez has bigger aspirations then knocking out snide motors so when his partner Andy tells him Slade has a huge bundle of cash coming from his casino, he puts together a plan to steal the loot.

Jez and Andy also rope in fellow mechanics Clive and Davey Boy into their plan by promising them a cut of the blag.  Of course it all goes ‘tits up’ and before long everyone is turning on each other.

If you’ve seen any of Steve Lawson’s other films, you will realise the chap is rather talented and makes a very small budget look a lot bigger than it is.  Essex Heist has plenty of influences, Reservoir Dogs being one as the film is set primarily in one location but it’s given a great British slant with ‘hardman’ speak, lots of colourful language and plenty of claret on display.  It’s got some snappy editing, great use of screen wipes, a half decent score and pretty good acting on display in particular lead Glenn Salvage and Dean Leon Finlan as soft lad Clive.  Last seen playing a copper in ‘The Curse of Robert the Doll’  Steve Dolton plays the nasty Slade with an evil sneer and in the couple of scenes he’s in looks to be having a real blast.

The film is short, sweet, doesn’t outstay it’s welcome and is a great little time waster.  If I have one criticism is that if Mr. Lawson wishes to cast the ridiculously attractive Georgia Annable in another of his epics, please give her a bigger role although I can’t grumble at her first scene in this one.

  • Starring Glenn Salvage  Adam Collins  Steven Dolton  Marcus Langford
  • Director Steve Lawson
  • Distributor 88 Films