The Guyver aka Mutronics

A long time ago aliens visited earth and created the human race.  A unique artifact from those aliens turns whoever possesses  it into an ass-kicking super soldier known as ‘The Guyver’.  That artefact has been stolen by a scientist named Dr. Segawa who is aware of his employers The Chronos Corporation’s evil intentions towards the technology.  Unfortunately Chronos’ chief bad guy Lisker kills the good doctor and takes what he thinks is the artifact to his boss.

You know his boss is evil as he is played by the late great David Gale (Dr. Hill from Re-animator) who chomps and spits out his dialogue like a rabid dog.  Dr. Segawa however was working with the CIA and the agent Max Reed (Mark Hamill, yes Luke Skywalker himself) sees Segawa being murdered by Lisker who has turned into a man in a rubber suit.  We cut to a Akido dojo where our hero to be, Sean Barker is in a class.  His girlfriend Mizki is Segawa’s daughter and Reed arrives to tell her of her Father’s demise.  Sean follows Reed and Mizki to the spot where her Dad was killed and he stumbles upon the machine that will turn him into ‘The Guyver’.

Based on the Manga and Japanese Anime, The Guyver is as whacky as they come with loads of men fighting each other in impressive rubber suits.  Throw in some comedy and you have a film which can be only classed as unique.  Co-Directors Steve Wang and Screaming Mad George are special effects guys and along with producer Brian Yuzna have crafted something quite extraordinary.  So extraordinary that they have assembled a cast of horror and B movie legends including Michael Berryman and Jeffrey Combs to join in the fun.

It’s all rather insane and is without one of those films you’re either enjoy or think is a steaming pile of horse manure.  I’m still unsure so if blokes in rubber suits floats your boat, why not give it a try.  I can assure you there aren’t many films like it.

  • Starring Jack Armstrong  Mark Hamill  Vivian Wu  David Gale  Linnea Quigley
  • Directors Steve Wang and Screaming Mad George
  • Distributor Arrow Video