Mechanic: Resurrection

Hitman and bad-ass Arthur Bishop has faked his own death and lives out in Rio under an alternative identity.  A mysterious woman approaches Arthur telling him she knows who he is and soon enough some of her cronies turn up as well.  Arthur sensing all is not well escapes and flees to Thailand, where he lies low with the help of an old friend Mae (Michelle Yeoh).  Bishop learns that the woman back in Rio has links with an old enemy Riah Crain and when Arthur falls for a beautiful battered woman at the resort (Jessica Alba) Crain kidnaps her and forces the Mechanic to carry out three assassinations.

This of course put Arthur into ‘The Stath’ mode where no one is safe from the fists and guns of one of cinema’s hardest blokes.  The film’s set pieces are all well done and in particular one of the assassinations is absolutely awesome.  As is the case in most action pictures, the villains are pretty one dimensional and are really only on screen to die in a selection of ways.  However, head dirt bag Crain played by Peaky Blinders’ Sam Hazeldine has an interesting back story with Staham’s character and is quite the hissable bad guy.  Jessica Alba is as you would expect gorgeous and does her best in a thinly written role but her character does have a nice story arc.  Jason Staham on the other hand is pure Jason Statham, so there is much to love as he mows down all the villains.

Mechanic: Resurrection is a fun ride full of violence, action and is pure unadultered escapism.  So sit back, grab some refreshments and enjoy macho bullshit of the highest vintage.

  • Starring Jason Statham  Jessica Alba  Tommy Lee Jones  Michelle Yeoh
  • Director Dennis Gansel
  • Distributor Lionsgate