Jack Frost

Not to be confused by the feel-good Michael Keaton film, this fun romp tells you the story of prolific serial killer Jack Frost who is being transported to the prison where he will be executed for his crimes.  Unfortunately due to the horrendous weather, the prison van collides with a truck carrying hazardous chemicals.  These chemicals literally dissolve Jack and then his remains are fused into the snow.  He soon resurrects as a snowman and heads off to cause mayhem and murder.

In the small town of Snowmonton, the Sheriff is still troubled by Jack seeing he was the one who captured him purely by chance.  When an old dude on the outskirts of town is found dead, strange things are afoot especially when the Sheriff’s son tries to convince his Dad that the boy who picks on him was murdered by an evil snowman.

The town is put on lockdown and there is a race against time to thwart Jack’s murderous ways and hopefully kill once and for all.

Jack Frost was a bit of the staple of the video era, it’s now almost 20 years old and in all honesty I enjoyed it as much now as I did on VHS.  The film is equally gory and funny, with plenty of prosthetic effects used to create the sometime inventive deaths.  Jack himself is absolutely priceless, nowaways you would have CGI but the film makers have the killer physically on set using I would imagine a man in a suit and some puppetry.  This works amazingly well as the actor playing Jack in the flesh voices the snowman as well.

Director Michael Cooney (son of English farce legend Ray) crafts an outstanding low’ish budget horror comedy and Jack returned  a few years later in a sequel, so lets hope Vinegar Syndrome restores that as well as they have done a cracking job on this one.

There have been scathing reviews for the movie over time but it is what it is, a terrific alternative and very silly Christmas (horror) film.  So give it a go but remember it’s not the Michael Keaton one.

  • Starring Christopher Allport  Scott MacDonald  Shannon Elizabeth Fadal  F. William Parker
  • Director Michael Cooney
  • Distributor Vinegar Syndrome