The Shallows

After a personal tragedy, would-be doctor Nancy travels to the beach in Mexico where her late Mum found out she was pregnant with her.  Getting dropped off by local man Carlos (possibly one of the nicest blokes in a film for years) she takes in the beach’s beauty and decides to go surfing.

At the same time Nancy is catching the waves, she meets two local surfer dudes.  When the surfers decide to go home, Nancy stays out on the water for a bit longer.  Unfortunately a shark has taken a chunk out of a whale which Nancy discovers and the shark is still hungry.  What follows is a ‘cat and mouse’ or ‘human and shark’ contest to see who comes out on top of the food chain.

When you think of shark movies, there’s obviously only one you immediately think about and that is Steven Spielberg’s Jaws.  Of course the shark film has had something of a revival in recent times thanks to the countless SyFy flicks and The Asylum’s Sharknado series.  The Shallows is a film that takes it’s subject matter extremely seriously and at no time does it become hammy or silly.  The shark is a real horrible bastard and easily should be in contention for ‘villain of the year’.

Director Jaume Collet-Serra cut his teeth (sorry!!) on horror films (House of Wax and Orphan) before moving on to a few of Liam Neeson’s action epics, so the guy knows how to ramp up the tension.  In fact The Shallows is possibly one of the most tense mainstream films I have seen in years.  The film is a real showboat for the acting talents of Blake Lively who is on screen for the entire film and for virtually all of it on her own.  She does however get a great supporting actor in a friendly seagull.

The Shallows is a really, really excellent piece of film making and thoughly recommended.  It’s also really cool to see a shark that looks pretty realistic as well.

  • Starring Blake Lively  Oscar Jaenada  Sully ‘Steven’ Seagull
  • Director Jaume Collet-Serra
  • Distributor Sony