WWE Clash of the Champions 2016

WWE’s Clash of the Champions was the first RAW exclusive PPV after the brand split where the main event was contested between the new Universal (I like the name) Champion Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins following the shenanigans involving Triple H on an previous episode of RAW.

The Kick-off show match showed Nia Jax taking on Alicia Fox, I love Foxy she’s awesome but the WWE are seriously giving Dwayne Johnson’s cousin a nice push hoping she’ll connect as a monster heel.  Personally I see no issues as she’s scary and attractive in equal measures.  Tag Team Champs The New Day faced Anderson and Gallows next for their tag titles which was then followed by the first Cruiserweight Championship match after TJ Perkins won it on WWE Network’s Cruiserweight Classic.  Perkins took on (The) Brian Kendrick in a pretty good match and we all know what transpired a few weeks later.

The Best of 7 series between Sheamus and Cesaro ended in a no contest, so the series was declared a draw.  A bit of a cop out really but it did set them up for their forced upon tag team which is providing some fun moments.  Chris Jericho next fought Sami Zayn, Jericho continues to excel in his heel role you stupid idiots.  The Women’s Championship was then contested in a triple threat with Charlotte defending against Sasha and Bayley.  Ms. Flair goes from strength to strength and apart from my Becky Lynch heroine-worshipping Charlotte is easiest my favourite female superstar.  The style and talent from her old man has certainly rubbed off on her.

Rusev had to face Romen Reigns next for his US title and the less said about that the better.  As I mentioned above, the main event saw Owens battle Rollins.  Owens’ best friend Chris Jericho got involved and although it was a screwy finish it showed Owens and Jericho are gold.  Rollins time will come again.

Extras wise, the kick off show is on the DVD and the Blu-ray as per usual has a bit more.

A cracking PPV in my opinion and worth adding to the collection.

  • Starring Charlotte Flair  Kevin Owens  Brian Kendrick  TJ Perkins  Rusev  Sasha Banks
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle