Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf aka Stirba – Werewolf Bitch

If you recall at the end of Joe Dante’s The Howling, Dee Wallace’s character Karen was killed as she transformed into a werewolf on television, this sequel picks up events pretty much straight away at Karen’s funeral.  Her brother Ben has come from out of town to mourn her passing and is approached after the service by Stefan Crosscoe an expert in the occult.  Stefan tells Ben his sister was a werewolf and her soul isn’t at rest.  Ben doesn’t believe anything until he witnesses with a work colleague of Karen’s Jenny, a werewolf attack at the church where his sister is to be buried.  Stefan tells them that they must destroy the Queen of the Werewolves Stirba or humanity is doomed.  Ben and Jenny go with Stefan to Transvlvania to track down Stirba’s werewolf lair.

Howling II is a film with possibly no equal.  Director Phillippe Mora has fashioned a picture in one part dripping in really cool imagery (it was filmed in the old Czechoslovakia) and the other part easily one of the campest, craziest films ever.  The werewolves are pretty smart and suitably unpleasant but it’s the sex that is the most bonkers.  Nothing can prepare you for werewolf orgies and hairy bodysuits wreathing away in ecstasy, in particular Stirba’s (Sybil Danning) blonde hairy body.  Roping in Christopher Lee adds a touch of class to the proceedings and seeing one of the greatest ever screen actors in a punk night club wearing shades is an absolute joy.

The incredibly 80’s soundtrack suits the film well and the wolf howls are basically sounds the producers must have dug up from a public domain library as you’ve heard them a million times before.  Critically mauled upon it’s release and arguably deservedly so but there is something special about this film.  I saw it a very long time ago on the Guild Home Video release and I can’t really remember much apart from Christopher Lee as well as the huge amount of boobs.

Watching it now I can confirm it is a load of gormless nonsense masquerading as a film but scarily entertaining and has to be seen to be fully appreciated.  It’s also got one hell of an end credits, you’re know why when you see it.

  • Starring Christopher Lee  Sybil Danning  Reb Brown  Jimmy Nail  Marsha A. Hunt
  • Director Phillippe Mora
  • Distributor Arrow Video