Randy Orton: RKO Outta Nowhere

A few years ago WWE released a box set of Orton’s matches along with a respective featuring the man himself and the words of his peers.  Orton could now be perceived as a WWE veteran and therefore I believe the choice WWE made to do another boxset (which is slightly different) is more than justified.

The 2 disc Blu-ray (or 3 DVD’s) are absolutely jam packed with matches and documented feuds throughout his stellar career.  We kick off with a OVW bout where Randy makes his debut against a fella by the name of Johnny Spade.  For those who are not aware OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) was WWE developmental for a while before FCW and NXT.  Orton started out there along with the likes of Cena, Brock Lesnar and Dave Batista, so there has been a fair amount of wrestlers going on to bigger things from there you could say.

Orton as most people know is a third generation wrestler and he openly admits during the insightful chats he has on camera between the wrestling footage, he got his ‘foot in the door’ at an early age.  Randy is extremely complimentary to his peers in particular John Cena who he says they know each other so well their matches are practically effortless.  He also gives kudos to Edge who he wrestled as an opponent and as a partner (remember Rated RKO?)  He talks fondly of his rivalry with Jeff Hardy and CM Punk which there are matches showing how good they were in the ring together.

His World Championship feud with Christian a couple of years ago is also well represented, in my opinion this is where Orton I believe did some of his best ever work.  There’s obviously stuff on there with Evolution as you would expect as this was the first big push of his career.

I’ve always liked Randy Orton, whether he is a heel or face his character never really changes and he has that sadistic glint in his eye which I love in wrestlers.  There’s a few extra matches on the Blu-ray which includes one with Damien Sandow down in Florida at NXT.

A nice smart package with a seriously large amount of content representing the career of ‘The Viper’.

  • Starring Randy Orton  Ric Flair  Edge  Seth Rollins  Dean Ambrose  Bob Holly
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle