The Initiation

Rich kid Kelly Fairchild (Daphne Zuniga) has just started college and with the time honoured tradition of sorority pledges, she and her newbies must commit to the final initiation.  Kelly, bless her has had a troubled childhood (haven’t we all?) and keeps having the same nightmare featuring a burning man as well as her parents fornicating.  She decides to seek help from a hunky 80’s professor (with fab hair) as he is a bit of a dream expert and is intrigued by her.

At the same time, a bunch of nutters have escaped from an asylum and Kelly’s father meets the wrong end of a gardening trowel.  The sorority head (i.e. bitch) sets the task of the newbies breaking into the Fairchild family department store to steal the security guard’s uniform but chief bitch has other plans and there’s a crisp burnt dude lurking around as well.

The Initiation is an old school 80’s slasher horror complete with all the trappings of the genre and time period.  There is a huge amount of laquered hair and dubious fashions as well the standard blood ‘n boobs.  It’s pretty well written (at least by slasher standards) by the chap who would go on to work on a load of Aaron Spelling shows including Melrose Place where star Daphne Zuniga would also turn up.  There’s a couple of twists and the make up effects are suitably bloody when they have to be.  The film makers have even managed to rope in veteran thespians Vera Miles and Clu Gulager to add a little class to the unknown acting troupe, they even manage to keep a straight face as well.

Is it a film which you could proudly have in your collection next to slasher classics such as The Burning?  No, not really however it certainly has it’s moments and is most definately not a waste of time.  File it next to some Friday the 13th sequels on your shelf.

  • Starring Daphne Zuniga  James Read  Vera Miles  Clu Gulager
  • Director Larry Stewart
  • Distributor Arrow Video