WWE Annual 2016

WWE Home Video have given us an early Christmas present and have put two popular compilations together for one sexy bargain package and with 16 hours of action, how far can you go wrong?

The Best of RAW and Smackdown 2015

My favourite parts of 2015 were the continued brilliance of The New Day. Three very talented wrestlers who have excelled in virtually everything they’ve done including Xavier Woods trombone playing and Big E’s camp dancing to the ring. My other favourite part was the ‘push’ of the female talent from NXT. Whilst the Diva Revolution was OK, Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch shone brightly. Obviously I count Paige in that group as well but the other divas looked positively anaemic compared to their phenomenal talent. Saying that, Becky Lynch could read the phonebook on air and I would still adore her.

The matches are a mixed bag with an ambulance match between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose and Cena’s US title fight with Sami Zayn amongst the selection. What I believe is the set’s best asset is the inclusion of real wrestling talents such as Cesaro, Sasha Banks, Neville, Kalisto and plenty of Seth Rollins which is spot on as he was WWE Champion for the majority of the year.

Best PPV Matches 2015

Hosted by Corey Graves who guides us through the year up to October’s Hell in a Cell PPV. Along with Graves’ links are recaps of the neccessary PPV’s where the matches are featured from.

The compilation is rammed full of goodness featuring all the Superstars (and Divas) including some real crackers. The triple threat match from the Royal Rumble is the first match where we saw Lesnar, Cena and Rollins fight. Daniel Bryan’s match with Roman Reigns to face Lesnar at Wrestlemania is here as you may remember there was a backlash when poor old Roman won the Rumble.

Thankfully the set isn’t a ‘Cena Love-Fest’ and the rest of the roster are more than represented here which include Cesaro, Ambrose, Kidd, Charlotte and The New Day. Probably my favourite matches on the set (and possibly the year) are the ones where Kevin Owens faced John Cena. Although Owens didn’t win that particular feud (no surprise there) he showed that he was without doubt more than ready for the WWE and got the best out of John.

A total bargain but obviously no good if you already own them.

  • Starring Becky Lynch  John Cena  Kevin Owens  Corey Graves  Seth Rollins
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle