Tales of Halloween

A small American town is the setting for this Halloween themed anthology film.  The town’s resident DJ played by Adrienne Barbeau (in a nice nod to The Fog) is our guide as we travel around taking in various stories featuring it’s inhabitants.

Each part is directed by a seperate film maker and the production has roped in a talented bunch of people to helm the stories.  Neil (The Descent, Game of Thrones) Marshall, Darren Lynn (SAW Franchise) Bousman and Mike (Lavalantula) Mendez are among some of the people crafting their tales for the film.

It would take a while to tell you each and every story so I won’t even try, but suffice to say they are all entertaining with nice little twists and turns along the way.  Whilst there are plenty of laughs and surprises, the film however doesn’t forget it’s a horror movie so when the time comes the scares and gore are there.

My particular favourites are the slasher movie rip-off where a young girl is chased by a masked brute.  It doesn’t turn out as you would expect with the pay-off very funny and totally off the wall.  Another story tells us of the neighbour next door to young Billy who is sick to death of kids playing trick ‘r treat, so he decides to give the town a lesson they won’t ever forget.  One final mention is that the production has filled the cast of plenty of familar faces to the genre such as Lin (Insidious) Shaye, Barbara (Re-animator) Crampton and Barry (Rocky Horror) Bostwick. Also, a few film directors pop up in cameos including John (American Werewolf) Landis who plays a parent who isn’t really that keen to get his son back.

Takes of Halloween is a real hoot and hopefully will get plenty of shelf life like Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘R Treat which whilst it was dumped straight to DVD has garnered a real following.  This film is equally as fun and a good time can be had by all who watches it.

  • Starring John Savage  Adrienne Barbeau  Barry Bostwick  Ben Woolf  Greg Grunberg
  • Distributor Arrow Films