Brock Lesnar: Eat Sleep Conquer Repeat

There are many words to describe Brock Lesnar which would include incredible, scary and a bad-ass.  He is certainly a one- off in professional wrestling as he is the only man to be a WWE World Champion and also a world champion in cage fighting (UFC).  He’s also had a go at professional American Football and was a championship winning amateur wrestler.  You could say the guy has done it all and cap it off he’s a good family man who married one of WWE’s most famous and successful women Sable.

The Blu-ray is a beast (pun intended) and covers Brock from his debut in OVW to him leaving after his match with Goldberg at Wrestlemania.  His return a couple of years is well documentated and one thing I was impressed with him is that he is brutally honest in his interviews past and present.

The package is split across two discs with interview footage from modern times and archive footage which was available in the old days on the Silver Vision release ‘Here Comes the Pain’.  Brock looks ridiculously young in the older footage especially in the first match featured where he tags with his real life good friend Shelton Benjamin.

The matches on the disc are vast and covers his first run and his return in 2012.  Some of my favourites include the modern day battles with the Undertaker where the streak was beaten.  Poor old John Cena going to ‘Suplex City’ and a real find, a non-televised match against Brock’s mentor in the WWE Curt Hennig complete with an on screen timecode.  The Blu-ray gets more matches including Kofi Kingston geting manhandled big time at ‘The Beast in the East’ event in Japan.

It’s a really nice package and definately worth getting for the matches and Lesnar being pretty insightful.  Also, younger fans can get to see how good Lesnar was even at the beginning of his career.  Nice one WWE.

  • Starring Brock Lesnar  Paul Heyman  CM Punk  Shelton Benjamin  Triple H  Kurt Angle
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle