The Windmill Massacre AKA The Windmill

A group of strangers board a Dutch tour bus in Amsterdam for a trip around the scenic countryside looking at windmills.  Of course each one of the tourists has a story to tell and our main character Jennifer is a young Australian on the run from the authorities.  Jennifer has some mental issues and keeps seeing her dead abusive Father.  When she makes the bus screech to a halt in the middle of nowhere, it causes it to break down.  It’s getting dark so Jennifer and another passenger head off for help.

Unfortunately there is a rather unpleasant chap prowling around in the woods with a very sharp scythe, of course this being a horror film it’s not long before it comes into action.  The tourists find Jennifer’s story of the scary bloke hard to believe and after a mishap they take refuge in an old hut by a windmill.  Some old papers are found which states this mill was the stomping ground of a devil worshipping murderer who ground his victims up into flour bags.  The story is actually true and body parts soon start flying around.

Although the film is marketed as a straight slasher-type film, it does have a lot more going for it than a cheap Friday the 13th rip-off.  For a start all the characters are well written and have a backstory, so when they start dying you can actually care about who is snuffing it.  The production values, photography and make up effects are excellent so the film certainly doesn’t look cheap like so many straight to DVD horror films do.  Finally the actual killer is pretty grim and isn’t over exposed on screen which makes a real change.  He’s also the first movie maniac I’ve seen who wears clogs.

Overall, it’s a fine little film and deserves a lot of success.  I really liked The Windmill and can heartily recommend it.

  • Starring Charlotte Beaumont  Patrick Baladi  Bart Klever  Noah Taylor
  • Director Nick Jongerius
  • Distributor Kaleidoscope