Casey is on a Bachelorette holiday (Hen Weekend) with her two best friends and whilst swimming in a river gets bitten by some kind of insect.  Shaking it off she returns home complete with the bite marks.  Casey is reassessing her romantic situation and is unsure about getting married and definately doesn’t want children.  Her nice guy fiancee Jared is unaware of this and thinks everything is rosy but soon enough Casey starts to become very sick and brings up all sorts of unpleasant liquids.  Her bite marks are now oozing some really gross pus and the colour starts to drain from her face.

Jared’s mother has never liked Casey and when she barges her way into her apartment she gets more than she bargained for as Casey is now completely at the mercy of whatever bit her.

I’m really unsure of my opinion of this film.  On one hand, it’s gross, ikky and well acted by it’s lead.  Then on the other hand, it’s pretty much an average ‘body horror’ flick which desperately tries to be comparable to Davd Cronenberg’s best.  One thing the film does has going for it though is when it finally gets going after about 30 mins or so it really moves along at a nice pace and features some nice kills.

The effects are actually well done and as the film is primarily set in one location (Casey’s apartment) I rather liked the production design when the nasty stuff starts making it’s rather disgusting mark.  It’s definately not the greatest horror film in the world and easily not the worst, it’s watchable but there is better stuff out there.

  • Starring Elma Begovic  Denise Yuen  Jordan Gray  Annette Wozniak
  • Director Chad Archibald
  • Distributor Second Sight