Ash Vs. Evil Dead

30 years after surviving the ending of ‘Evil Dead 2′ we meet Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) older and still working as a clerk in a supermarket.  Ash, being the aging lothario he is accidentally recites passages from The Book of the Dead with the babe he’s with and is totally unaware what’s going on until the old lady who lives by him in the trailer park becomes a dead’ite.  He is once again pulled into battle against the forces of evil but this time he is helped by his buddy at the supermarket and the hot new checkout girl.

When I first found out that The Evil Dead was to become a weekly TV series I was a little hesitant.  With all the original film’s creative geniuses on board (Raimi, Tapert and Campbell) that didn’t concern me but would TV water down the crazy gory mayhem?  Not a chance.  Ash Vs. Evil Dead is easily more bloody and disgusting than anything the other films gave us (discounting the remake which was played fairly straight.)  It is also amazingly funny with Campbell slipping back into Ash’s persona after 20 odd years like an old pair of pants.  The supporting cast is great and although Raimi only directed the first episode, the rest of the series’ directors ape his crazy and innovative camera work extremely well.

Although Army of Darkness can’t be referenced due to legal issues, following that film would have been difficult due to the famous two endings it had, so picking up after Part 2 works just fine.  There is a very sly reference to Ash’s adventure in Medieval times though, but I’ll leave that for you to try and discover.

For some unknown reason, the UK gets this excellent show only on DVD and not Blu-ray.  If you have Blu get the US version from Starz as it’s region free disc, it may say Region A on the cover but it’s not.  So regardless of format YOU MUST pick this superb release up, crank up the volume as the sound is literally evil which will lead your neighbours to believe you are actually fighting Kandarian Demons.

  • Starring Bruce Campbell  Lucy Lawless  Ray Santiago  Jill Marie Jones  Dana DeLorenzo
  • Distributors Starz/Anchor Bay (US)  Fox (UK)