In the small town of Ashton they are about to have a very big problem.  You see the slugs have turned nasty and are basically attacking any living creature and chomping down on them.  The local wino is the first to get it when he comes home a bit worse for wear.  The police are as per usual totally inept especially the bad tempered Chief and it’s up to the local Health Inspector and a drains expert to save the day.

The health expert Mike Brady manages to put two and two together and with the only two intelligent people in the entire movie (his buddy, the drains guy and a convenient English professor) work out a plan to rid Ashton from the killer slugs.

Based on the best selling horror novel by Shaun Hutson, Slugs comes to you from the man who brought you possibly one of the most messed up and bonkers slasher movies ever, Pieces.  Shot in America and Spain, the film has obviously a stack of Spanish and European actors delivering their dialogue phonetically and then it’s off to the dubbing stage to replace their spoken dialogue.  This makes a few characters look silly as their voices aren’t not quite in sync but who cares when the film is so gormless you won’t take any notice.

Slugs is packed with loads of ikky gore with generally unpleasant (and a few nice) characters biting the bullet in various disgusting ways.  The film also has a score which is far bigger than the film deserves and does seem rather out of place.  There is one piece of music that plays constantly during scene transitions which is just so inappropriate it’s incredible.  It’s all rather dopey and stupid but highly entertaining in a crappy 80’s way and is definitely a film not to take seriously.

Horse-shit of the very highest calibre.

  • Starring Michael Garfield  Kim Terry  Stan Schwartz  Philip MacHale
  • Director Juan Piquer Simon
  • Distributor Arrow Video