Battleground 2016

Battleground was the last PPV before Summerslam and the brand split which is in my humble opinion was a pretty good one with lots of interesting match-ups in particular an intriguing Triple Threat between all members of once was The Shield.

Dean Ambrose was defending his newly won WWE Title in his first PPV with also Roman Reigns coming back from a Wellness Policy suspension.  Of course Seth Rollins was his usual self and overall it was a good match.  Cena teamed up with Enzo and Cass against The Club.  Enzo and Cass showed why they are a breath of fresh air with Enzo the best mic worker to come to the main roster in a very long time.  His innuendos are priceless.  Miz defended his IC belt against Darren Young who has had a bit of a push with Bob Backlund at his side.  Poor old Zack Ryder was fed to Rusev for the US Championship.  The Bulgarian has found his mojo again (or creative pulling their finger out) and he’s as destructive as ever.  The New Day against The Wyatts (before they were split up) was rather lacklustre.  Bray is easily one of the most charismatic villains in years and he’s constantly being wasted, why?

Sasha Banks and a mystery partner (who likes hugs) took on Charlotte and Dana Brooke.  The crowd went bananas for this one and it’s always nice to see the wavy inflatable men.  Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens fought again in another great match.  I’ve said it before I could watch these two fight all day and we all know what happened to Mr. Owens after Summerslam.  Randy Orton also made his return after injury to have a chat with Chris Jericho on the Highlight Reel regarding his match against Brock Lesnar.  Becky Lynch also continued her rivalry against the now heel Nattie Neidhart.  These two ladies are superb wrestlers and either one is deserving of being a champion, oh yes Becky is now.

The pre show match was Breezango taking on The Uso’s, this is included on the extras along with other goodies.  Battleground was like I said earlier pretty good and the brand split seems to be doing well so from now on apart from the ‘Big Four’ it’s either a Smackdown or RAW PPV’s now with Backlash being the first.

  • Starring Big Cass  Sasha Banks  Kevin Owens  Randy Orton  Dana Brooke
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle