The Curse of Robert

After the success of last year’s supernatural horror based loosely on the real life doll, film maker Andrew Jones has returned to the horrible little bastard and gave us a new tale in a entirely different setting.

The real life ‘Robert’ is actually encased in a glass cabinet on a Florida museum and Jones uses this as a starting point for his Wales based chiller.  Local student Emily Barker gets a job cleaning during the night at the town museum.  The museum has recently acquired Robert through dubious means and is the pride of their exhibits.  Emily is immediately creeped out by the doll although her co-workers just get on with their job and don’t take much notice of the horrible little dude.  Of course Robert doesn’t stay in his cabinet for long and Emily soon hears the pitter patter of tiny feet in the corridor.  Soon enough the first victim is claimed and the police obviously don’t believe a word of Emily’s ‘Robert theory’.

Primarily set in the one location, The Curse of Robert is a fun, enjoyable successor to the rather engaging original.  Jones who knocks out movies at the pace of a Welsh Roger Corman provides us with another cheap and cheerful chiller, which is definately not a waste of time.  Robert the doll is just as disturbing as before and with using clever camera work and puppetry he gets to prowl around the museum to do his dirty deeds with ease.  The cast perform well and a big credit must go to actor Steven (KillerSaurus) Dolton who gives us possibly the most laid back copper in any recent film.

The Curse of Robert is a jovial jape down scary doll alley and with the teaser at the end, it looks like Jones and his band of merry men are going to launch our own British ‘Pupper Master’ style franchise.  So the release of “The Toymaker’ can’t come quick enough.

  • Starring Tiffany Ceri  Jason Homewood  Clare Gollop  Nigel Barber
  • Director Andrew Jones
  • Distributor 4 Digital Media