Drive Thru

Recently I stumbled across the trailer of this horror on You Tube, not knowing the film (it’s unreleased here in the UK) the premise and the fact that it has a scary clown in it intrigued me.

Hella-Burger is the local burger franchise fronted by ‘Horny the Clown’ and has been for years.  Our story starts when some would-be gangsta’s roll up in their vehicle and generally abuse the poor dude at the drive through window.  This of course is a big mistake and all of them get butchered by a maniac dressed as a clown.

Mackenzie Carpenter is having a graduating party at her house when her parents are away.  The local police soon break the party up and Mackenzie and some friends decide to try out a Ouija board.  Nothing happens so her friends leave but when Mackenzie is alone with her boyfriend, the board gives her a cryptic message.  The gangsta’s van is found by the police (including your typical fat inept cop) the next day but there are no bodies.  Naturally they are puzzled and soon Mackenzie’s friends start vanishing woith only blood left where they were last seen.

Drive Thru is a slasher with some elements of comedy thrown in.  The main killer clown is suitably unpleasant and is rather cruel in the way he finishes the teenagers off.  The effects are suitably gory and although most slashers are predictable I really dug it.  It does help that the lead is the gorgeous Leighton Meester from TV’s Gossip Girl and she makes a very good ‘final girl’.  Morgan Spurlock the ‘Super Size Me’ dude pops up in a fun cameo, Gotham’s Nicholas D’Agosto plays the boyfriend and the design on Horny the Clown is really quite cool.

All I can really say is please track this down if you can, Drive Thru is a real blast and immensely entertaining.  The film now sits proudly next to ‘It’ on my shelf.

  • Starring Leighton Meester  Nicholas D’Agosto  Larry Joe Campbell
  • Directors Brendan Cowles and Shane Kuhn
  • Distributor Lionsgate