Every town has a haunted house and the small town where Angela has grown up in is no different.  Seventeen years previously the entire Anderson family vanished from their house and have never been seen again.  A new owner and her son have moved in and the Mother needs someone to keep an eye on Adrian the young lad who is traumatised due to the death of his Dad.  Angela accepts the job when offered to her against the wishes of her Father due to the house’s past.  Unfortunately the house has been used by the local hoodlums as a place to stash their drugs and they want them back.  Of course as with these types of films nothing goes to plan and when the local handyman gets killed in a rather gruesome way everything gets a little weird.

Unspoken is your bog standard haunted house (and creepy kid) movie and after a tense start I thought ‘here we go again’.  However there are some interesting plot developments, the lead character has feelings for her best (girl) friend which gives their relationship a different dynamic then the usual teenager angst.  The villains of the piece are truly despicable scumbags and you can’t wait for them to be offed by the supernatural entity.  Finally, the effects are low tech and atmospheric with only a little bit of CGI to complement them.

The acting generally is good and all fairness it’s not a bad little film.  Nothing really that original although it does have a great ending just before the credits which made me have a smile as wide as the Cheshire Cat.  Unspoken is worth a go if haunted house films are your bag, don’t expect a game changer and you probably won’t be disappointed.

  • Starring Jodelle Ferland  Neal McDonough  Lochlyn Munro
  • Director Sheldon Wilson
  • Distributor Arrow Films