Road Games

There is a serial killer on the loose in rural France and the authorities have warned everyone to be careful.  Jack is a young Englishman hitchhiking his way back from the South of France after catching his girlfriend screwing his best mate.  Poor old Jack has absolutely no luck getting a lift until he rescues a young woman Veronique from an abusive driver.  The two decide to hitch together and after a night camping out in the woods are picked up the next morning by a chap driving an old Rover.

The driver seems harmless enough if a little eccentric and offers accommodation for the pair due to the Calais Ferry strikes.  Of course nothing is what it seems and then they meet his wife played by the still ridiculously beautiful Barbara Crampton.

Whilst the house is fine and cosy, the atmosphere between the man and his wife is not ‘quite right’.  She seems a bit spaced out and a little bit away with the fairies.  The next morning Veronique is gone leaving a note and Jack gets kidnapped by a local weirdo who stuffs animals and collects roadkill…

Road Games is a film that came out of nowhere.  I think I remember reading something about it in either a magazine or the internet but it never caught my eye and I soon forgot about it.  Of course sometimes that is the best way to see a film, have no expectations and be pleasantly surprised.  Believe me, I was literally blown away.  Incredibly well made, good performances, well written odd-balls (always a bonus), some neat plot twists and a stonking music score especially over the end credits.

Watch this film or buy it now.

  • Starring Andrew Simpson  Josephine de La Baume  Frederic Pierrot  Barbara Crampton
  • Director Abner Pastoll
  • Distributor Icon