Located in the middle of the Texan desert is a government facility.  Manned by a lone scientist Brian played by “The Big Kahuna” burger loving Frank Whaley, who is dabbling in time travel.  Meanwhile not too far away Karen (Kylie Travis) is on the road trying to get away from a recent tragedy, unfortunately she almost has a collision with another vehicle and her car breaks down.  Shortly after a car passes her with a rather abrasive fellow Frank (James Belushi) and his wife in it.  Frank is obviously incredibly dodgy as you would have witnessed slightly earlier but Karen reluctantly agrees to get a ride.

Of course it doesn’t help Frank is also an abusive husband and chastises his wife at every opportunity.  When they finally get to a truck stop, events take a turn for the first.  Escaping, Karen flees into the desert and stumbles upon Brian’s facility where she accidentally gets catapulted back in time.

I can’t honestly remember much about this film when it was released, the rather cool poster image rings a bell but that’s about it.  So watching it for the first time made a pleasant experience.  Time travel plots are usually a little hokey but throw in a very frightening over the top James Belushi, some really nice set pieces and the rather attractive Kylie Travis from TV’s Models, Inc. (remember that?) and you have a very entertaining if silly at times 91 minutes.

The desert locations and dusty roads give the film a good atmosphere and director Louis (Bats) Morneau ropes in good ol’ M. Emmet Walsh in a brief role and (Bub from Day of the Dead) Sherman Howard as a highway trooper.  Overall, Retroactive is a lot of fun and should be appreciated almost 20 years after it was made.  One final thing, James Belushi’s sideburns in this picture are simply a work of art and are the best I’ve seen since the days of Elvis.

  • Starring James Belushi  Kylie Travis  Shannon Whirry  Frank Whaley
  • Director Louis Morneau
  • Distributor 88 Films