Microwave Massacre

Poor old Donald, he’s got a pretty miserable life.  His wife May has possibly had the world’s biggest microwave installed and she is obsessed with cooking up posh dishes (which he hates) for her hard working husband.  In between her nagging, all Donald wants is a simple sandwich with some piece and quiet when he comes home from work.

After finishing his construction day job, he props up the bar at the local strip joint and finally one afternoon after one too many he gets the balls to stand up to his wife.  Unfortunately Donald is seriously pissed up and beats May to a pulp.  Not realising what he has done, he awakes the next morning to find her in the microwave.  Of course it doesn’t stop there and Donald gets a taste of human flesh and has to start murdering conveniently attractive women, chopping them up and turning them into tasty meals.

I can distinctly remember the Microwave Massacre video cover (see below) at my local rental shop in the early 80’s from Astra Video.  Of course it soon disappeared around the video nasty/VRA era and hasn’t been seen since (in the UK) for years.  The film is crammed full of gratuitous T&A, cheap looking gore and an obscene amount of un-PC humour.  This of course doesn’t make it a classic but it is generally very funny at times thanks to the smut levels and the inept acting on display.


It is frankly a load of old tosh, but entertaining tosh all the same from a time which has sadly passed us by and is unlikely to return.

  • Starring Jackie Vernon  Loren Schein  Claire Ginsberg  Al Troup
  • Director Wayne Berwick
  • Distributor Arrow Video