Eddie the Eagle

Young Eddie Edwards is determined to be a sportsman in fact he wants to be an Olympian.  Unfortunately poor Eddie tries just about everything and is generally pretty useless.  His Mum constantly encourages him but his Dad wants him to be a plasterer just like him.  Eddie decides to give skiing a bash and is pretty good but the snobby pillocks at the British Olympic committee look down on him and send him on his way.  Eddie then discovers Britain has never had a ski jumper in the Winter Olympics and is determined to excel at this to live his dream.  He travels to Germany to practice where he meets all kinds of opposition who want to basically put him down at every opportunity.

He then discovers that the drunken bloke who looks after the slopes is a disgraced ex-ski jumper and after countless attempts at trying to get him to teach him, finally wins him over.  Of course with the ‘old school’ still running British sport Eddie has to dig deep to achieve his dream.

The film is easily one of the most heart warming and ‘nice’ films in years.  Taron Egerton excels playing the hapless and wonderfully loveable Eddie and Hugh Jackman playing the fictional piss head coach is hilarious.  The film has a great supporting cast including Keith Allen as Eddie’s Dad and Lord Percy himself, Tim McInnerney portraying the worst in British sport i.e. one of the stuck up toffee nosed tossers who run it.  It’s has some lovely mountain locations and drab 70’s and 80’s England is recreated faithfully with Eddie’s Dad obsessed with ‘It’s a Knockout’.  It’s also got a cracking soundtrack with an 80’s style score and some top tunes of the day.

After watching it, I had a bit of a glow inside me and felt a bit warm and fuzzy.  You wouldn’t get a better recommendation from me than that considering most of my entertainment contains people getting slaughtered or blown up.

  • Starring Taron Egerton  Hugh Jackman  Keith Allen  Christopher Walken  Jim Broadbent
  • Director Dexter Fletcher
  • Distributor Lionsgate