WWE The Attitude Era Vol. 3: UNRELEASED

This is without a doubt one of the easiest reviews I have ever written, just go and get it as soon as you can.  Why is this so good you may ask?  Well let me explain…

Although there has been two volumes before and countless hours available on the WWE Network, this new compilation is very unique.  It features matches that have never seen the light of day before on any kind of home video release.  Introduced by Corey Graves who is becoming one of WWE’s best announcers in years, we see stuff that I never knew existed.

Packed across two blu-rays (and 3 DVD’s) the main bulk of matches are comprised in a mammoth 4 1/2 hours main feature.  All the usual suspects are evident but these matches mainly take place when the live cameras have stopped and also a mish-mash of different sources to present the full bout.  Corey explains some of this was even shot on hi-8 which for the youngsters out there was the early 90’s version of HD.

On the second blu-ray there are even more matches and blu ray exclusives which include that old classic, a dog collar match.  Some of the footage is as you would expect a bit ropey but who really gives a monkey’s toss when you have some real history unfolding on your TV.

There’s plenty of Mrs. Foley’s little boy on display, (which is essential in any Attitiude release) DX, The Rock, Bret Hart and even some Terry Funk in his ‘Chainsaw Charlie’ persona.  Also, we get the Nation of Domination turn up and lots of stuff taped from abroad on WWE tours.

I can’t be bothered to write anymore, just go out and buy it.

  • Starring Cactus Jack  The Rock  Ken Shamrock  Steve Austin  Davey Boy Smith  The Undertaker
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle