Shark Exorcist

There’s a serial killing nun on the rampage, she prays to Satan for help and a shark gets possessed!!  Yes, that is the basic story for this low budget creature feature, a friggin’ possessed shark.

Three friends decide to go to the lake for a spot of swimming and sunbathing, unfortunately one of them gets bitten.  Her wounds heal in no time but she now somewhat different, obsessed with water she begins to lure people to their death.  Local news stations start to report on the deaths and warn people not to go the lake.  This doesn’t stop two reporters competing for the story which apart from filling time up doesn’t really go anywhere unless you count the worst ‘possession acting’ ever committed to film is a plot point.

Of course we need a hero and seeing Satan is involved, we get a priest whose brother is missing…

Shark Exorcist is without doubt the worst film I have seen in years.  So let’s look at the evidence.

  1. Piss poor acting.
  2. The same CGI shot for the shark used countless times.
  3. The most unconvincing exorcism scene ever on film.
  4. Standard of camerawork comparable to your holiday videos, i.e. amateurish zooming and inaudible dialogue due to wind.
  5. Blood which looks like red shower gel.

However, the story idea is clever and original if somewhat stupid.  The thing is I had to watch it until the end to see how bad it could get and believe it never improved.  Considerable there was an abundance of water and bikinis, there was no boobs which disappointed me greatly.

I hate being negative about films because lots of people have worked hard to try and give you something worth watching, but experience this it at your peril.

  • Starring Angela Kerecz  Roni Jonah  Christy Moritz  A shark with glowing eyes
  • Director Donald Farmer
  • Distributor Kaleidoscope